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About iOnRoad

iOnRoad improves driving in real-time using the power of advanced smartphones. The app uses the smartphone’s native camera and sensors to detect vehicles in front of the vehicle, alerting drivers when they are in danger. iOnRoad’s VisualRadar, maps objects in front of the driver in real time, calculating the user’s current speed using native sensors. As the vehicle approaches danger, an audio-visual warning pops up to warn the driver of a possible collision, allowing them to brake in time.

Press Releases

March 14, 2013 - iOnRoad Wins Third Annual Qualcomm Ventures QPrize™ Competition
January 3, 2013 - iOnRoad Leverages iOS 6 Turn-by-Turn Navigation to Deliver Superior Driving Experience
April 25, 2012 - iOnRoad Awarded ‘Best Product Demo’ at Microsoft’s Think Next 2012
April 19, 2012 - iOnRoad Named Finalist in 2012 CTIA E-Tech Award
January 10, 2012 - iOnRoad Answers NTSB Push to Ban Cell Phone Use For Drivers
November 9, 2011 - Picitup Named as CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree
October 31, 2011 - iOnRoad Augmented Driving App Too Smart for The iPhone®
May 31, 2011 - Using a Smartphone While Driving Can Save Your Life

Logos & Photos

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Best App everMobile Summit 2011 CES 2012

YouTube Videos

What is iOnRoad?
Sneak Peek of iOnRoad for iPhone®
iOnRoad at work


Media Coverage

5 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android"

"iOnRoad Wins Third Annual Qualcomm Ventures QPrize™ Competition"

"10 worst cities for driving"

"iOnRoad Wins Qualcomm Venture’s Qprize"

"iOnRoad: Augmented Reality Smartphone (German)"

"iOnRoad: iPhone 5 Augmented Reality Navigation App For Safer Driving Launched"

"iOnRoad releases real-time navigation app for iOS 6"

"The three most promising Israeli startups 2013 "

"10 New & Promising Israeli Mobile Apps"

"4 Great Car Apps That Make Driving Safer, Easier and Cheaper"

"iOnRoad can promote better driving habits and prevent you from becoming an anxious tailgater."

"Distracted driving prevention app iOnRoad wins CTIA award"

"And the Winner is...(Hebrew)"

"Cool Vendors in Automotive, 2012"

"CTIA Announces 2012 E-Tech Awards Finalists"

"This software promotes road safety- and remembers where you parked"!/articles/7091-technopolis-tv-iontheroad-app

"iOnRoad Augmented Driving (for Android)",2817,2402079,00.asp

"3 demos that truly impressed at Mobile World Congress."

"iOnRoad, A Life-Saving App on Your Smartphone."

"It intended to keep the distance from the vehicle in front of you, and warn you when the vehicle ahead of you slows down.",7340,L-4184040,00.html

"While major carmakers such as GM and Ford will be pushing advanced features like OnStar video services and efforts to monitor personal health in vehicles, for the average business these sorts of technologies will be non-starters. Much more modest — and much more effective — will be road-ready apps that run on a user’s smartphone."

iOnRoad Wins "2011 Best App Ever" - best augmented reality app award!

"And you don't have to buy a brand new car to be able to experience these new types of driver aids. A company called Picitup was demoing its iOnRoad Android app, which acts as a driving assistant. You simply mount your phone on the windscreen with its camera facing towards the road. The app will monitor traffic ahead and warn you if you're approaching another car at too high a closing rate or if you're drifting between lanes."

"iOnRoad is saying: we've got the solution [to distracted driving]!"

"Beyond gimmick or novelty app, it may be the most helpful use of augmented reality that we’ve seen so far. And it’s amazing to see"

"The iOnRoad app, made by the Israeli computer vision company Picitup, is intended to transform smart phones from a distraction into a lifesaving tool"

"iOnRoad clearly resonates with people. One passerby, upon seeing exactly what it is and how it works, was instantly sold: 'Damn, I need that for my husband!' she shouted aloud."

"I like the idea behind iOnRoad. When a vehicle in front suddenly slows and the distance closes, you receive a warning that could make a real difference if your attention has lapsed momentarily, or you are distracted by two kids in the back seat arguing over who cheated at punch buggy."

"iOnRoad by Picitup wants to turn the tables and show how mobile technology can keep you safe and sound on the highways"

"Qualcomm Congratulates Picitup for CES Award"

"The idea behind iOnRoad is to help people avoid collisions while driving, and with most users carrying smartphones with high resolution cameras and processing power, this app is very useful!"

"This is like a Head-Up Display for a car, Bringing enhanced reality to automotive experience!"

"iOnRoad provides to the driver warning signals that could save a life. One of the best features of this app is the fact that iOnRoad researched and highlights on their website the best windshield mounts for various smart phones"

"I like how iOnRoad turns the camera in your smartphone into an onboard collision-avoidance tool."

"Augmented reality apps haven't really shown much use in the past, but iOnRoad Augmented Driving changes the game. This app puts a driving assistant right on the dash of your car"
Android Police Incredibly Useful Apps From 2011

"For those who want a bit of extra safety without buying a whole new car, this app may be worth a second look."

Video: Watch "Hands on: iOnRoad app for android" from CNET TV.

"'iOnRoad Augmented Driving' is the Swiss Army Knife Android App For Your Car"

"The company`s recently intoduced iOnRoad app uses augmented reality technology to act as a kind of visual radar for danger on the road. Drivers simply place their cell phone on a dashboard mount and let the app do its magic."

iOnRoad nominated for "2011 Best App Ever" best augmented reality app award!

"iOnRoad Augmented Driving App Too Smart for The iPhone."

"...iOnRoad... is designed to help end users to become aware to future dangers in the road, increasing possible response times and hopefully helping drivers make better decision."

" - Crash Guard Driving App."

"With constant mapping the screen keeps a real time view of the road and gives users a heads up when they are potentially in danger."

"On top of its incredible safety features, the app also offers social integration, allowing you to unlock (safe) driving achievements and upload snapshots of interesting sights, reckless drivers, etc. to Facebook."

"This free app turns your Android phone into a collision avoidance system."

"iOnRoad...ensures that you always drive safe and stay alert of potential traffic accidents, making it an extremely  handy tool for novice drivers. The app uses Android`s native camera and sensors to predict the time-gap until collision with another vechile and warns the drivers...Using iOnRoad is simple."

"iOnRoad...maps the road in front of you and can see a real-time view of the road on your screen. If you are in a sticky situation, the app sounds the alarm and gives you both an audio and visual warning.
Users fasten your seat belts, switch on the app and drive safely."

"[Must have App] iOnRoad Augemented Driving."

"The Israeli startup wave!" (Swiss television coverage of iOnRoad and other leading Israeli startups) (French)ël-inside

"iOnRoad: the use of AR technology, intelligent vehicle collision avoidance system." (Chinese)

"iOnRoad Augmented Driving App for Android Smartphones."

"Android radar app aims to prevent collisions."

"Automotive App of the Week: iOnRoad for Android."

"In the event that the driver`s attention lapses and the vehicle ahead stops or slows suddenly, iOnRoad will flash a full-screen alert and audio warning to grab the driver`s attention and attempt to avert an accident."

"Application development company, Picitup, wins the Israel Mobile Summit 3 June, 2011. Picitup has released iOnRoad, an augmented reality app that uses image recognition along with your smartphone camera and sensors to increase driver safety."

"iOnRoad released for Android, offers augmented reality crash detection and is ready for prime time."

"The application uses both visual and auditory warnings, thus improving the driver`s alertness."