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iOnRoad for insurance

Insurance telematics has been going through phases, in the early days big and cumbersome system were used. Over the recent years OBD pilots have started with several insurers and provide some sensor telemtics.
iOnRoad is a game changer for the industry, it does all that and more using just a simple app.
iOnRoad is not only the first successful collision warning app but also the first driving telematics app that incorporates visual telematics on top of all standard sensor telematics. 

What will be your benefits:

  • Get all standard sensor telematics such as GPS, velocity, 3-Axis accelration
  • Adds visual telematics from real-time videos collected while driving
  • Offers real time data for insurers
  • Distributed as a simple Smartphone app or an add-on to your current app
  • Offers the user an augmented reality view to get real time feedback and improve one's driving skills
  • Can directly reduce your premium expenses by helping your clients avoid accidents
  • iOnRoad can do all that and a lot more.

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