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A Car Safety app that warns you of collisions! iOnRoad improves driving in real time using the power of advanced smartphones. The app uses the smartphone’s native camera, GPS and sensors to detect vehicles in front of the host vehicle, alerting drivers when they are in danger. Our Visual Radar maps objects in front of the driver in real-time, calculating the driver's current speed using native sensors. As the vehicle approaches danger, an audio-visual warning pops up to alert of a possible collision, allowing the driver to brake in time.


Winner of Numerous Prizes -
Qprize 2012.
Best Android Augmented Reality App for 2011.
CES 2012 Design and Engineering Showcase Award.
Gizmodo app of the month.
Killer Startups #3 all-time startup.

As seen on Forbes, ABC, Fox News, Cnet, Fast Company and many others.


Mount your device and iOnRoad will to recognize traffic ahead and warn of potential collisions. iOnRoad warns you of collisions with audio and visual alerts, even when running in the background!

Use your cam to monitor your headway distance for ongoing feedback in a HUD-like display.

LANE DEPARTURE WARNINGS (free for a limited time!)-
Receive an audiovisual warning in case you are departing off the road. This can be a true life saver if you are swerving, drowsy or otherwise distracted.

The BEST car locator. AUTOMATICALLY detects you are parked and takes a snapshot of your parking spot. Later it will guide you to your car using the GPS and the snapshot to guide you indoor as well.

-Background mode-
the recommended mode that avoids any distraction. 
-Speeding alert-
-SMS & notification reader-
Automatic direction of calls to speaker while driving
(free for a limited time!).
-24/7 protection with Automatic Driving Detection-
-Complete driving log-

including snapshots of risky events.
-Trusted accessory store -
Get the best car mount for your device today!

Minimal Requirements

- iOS™ 6.
- Android 2.2 (Froyo).
- 1GHz processor.
- VGA (640x480) video feed.

A list of supported devices is available here.


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