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Hey everyone,

A lot of you requested and now you all get it - the Video Recording feature is here!
Now with a press of a button you are able to record a video of anything on road, the video then will saved automatically in your gallery.
Just make sure you have enough free space and we recommend that your phone will be connected to the car charger at the same time (using iOnRoad and Video Recording at the same time for a long time might drain your battery, you can get a universal car charger from here).
We hope to tell you soon about new exciting features we are working on now.

Snapshot & Video buttons


Hello to all of our great users around the globe,

We are happy to see more and more of you each day, and that is exactly why we added

the new translation section of the iOnRoad basics.

Try it from here, just press the right flag:

Want to see it in your language? found a mistake?
Tell us at


Good day to you all, our dear beta Users!

Over the last several months we've been hearing your requests and tried to prioritize the most important ones. Many of you have requested some kind of backend; and this is our first step towards that.

It comes with a new shiny personal dashboard that displays all of your snapshots, alerts, and other driving data. Rack up safety points by maintaining sufficient headway distance during your trips and compete with other drivers. Simply log in to your dashboard using your Google account to access all your information or to share your snapshots, driving maps and status!

Of course that in case you are not interested in this feature, you can turn off the statistics option in your setting. Having said that, give it a try, we like it a lot...

Want to erase a certain trip? We will enable it soon...


We will welcome more requests, so keep'em coming :-)


iOnRoad DashBoard


Good day to you all, our dear beta Users!

Check out this new Map of average driving speed in Europe by Country



The iOnRoad team has been wondering - Can the driving data be used to map the worldwide relative driving risk?

We used the average number of hourly alerts per country, and came up with the following map:

We removed some of the statistical noise, therefore some of the countries are not represented. Having said that, it turns out the data correlates nicely with other data on the average risk of being killed in a car accident per kilometer worldwide.



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